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Grants Awarded

Category Organization and Summary Amount Location Description
Special Grants Lamb’s Farm $10,000 Libertyville, IL

This gift is given in honor of W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone and the 100th Anniversary of Combined Insurance.

Special Grants One Roof Chicago $10,000 Chicago, IL

This general operating grant is made by the Board of Trustees in honor of the service of Pamela Calvert on her retirement.

Stone Leaders for Change Communities United, Jenny Awade & Raul Botello, Executive Directors $10,000 Chicago, IL

Communities United develops community leadership to build a shared root cause analysis of problems impacting their communities, to develop and advance innovative power-building strategies, and to engage in creating transformative systems change. Co-Executive Directors Jenny Arwade and Raul Botello as Stone Leader(s) for Change will explore and document the evolution CU has experienced in its 20-year history as a healing-centered organization through seeing the power of young people and community members using their lived experiences and doing direct action to create transformative systemic change.

Stone Leaders for Change Chicago Freedom School, Tony Alvarado-Rivera, Executive Director $10,000 Chicago, IL

Chicago Freedom School supports young people to take action for justice in their personal lives and communities. Executive Director Tony Alvarado-Rivera as a Stone Leader for Change will strengthen his leadership skills to navigate the organization more effectively into the post-pandemic era. To do this, Tony will focus on coaching, continuing education, and self- and collective-care

Field Building Grants First Up $20,000 Philadelphia, PA

This grant will support the engagement of State Institutes of Higher Education partners to review and develop actionable steps to prepare the Early Childhood Workforce in Pennsylvania.

Field Building Grants Illinois Action for Children $20,000 Chicago, IL

Illinois Action for Children will provide training and technical assistance to help child care providers apply for the state’s upcoming Strengthen and Grow grants opportunity.

Field Building Grants National Center for Teacher Residencies $20,000 Chicago, IL

In addition to promoting policy recommendations developed from Black Educators Initiative, this effort will be a stepping off point for NCTR into the policy landscape as it develops relationships and experience in effectively promoting its policy priorities.

Field Building Grants Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy $20,000 Boston, MA

Through EdImpact, Rennie and its partners will engage key stakeholders to ensure federal dollars are invested in equitable and effective practices that will enable students and communities to recover from the disruptions causes by COVID-19.

Field Building Grants Start Early $20,000 Chicago, IL

This project will gather timely information that will inform strategies for building interest in early childhood policy efforts, and ultimately, will influence the State’s early childhood policymaking decisions.

Field Building Grants Teach Plus $20,000 Philadelphia, PA

As Dr. Tony Watlington becomes the first new School District of Philadelphia superintendent in 10 years, Teach Plus will invest the new superintendent in teacher leadership and solidify Teach Plus’ connection over his first six months, opening avenues for increased district-wide impact over policies and instructional practices.

Field Building Grants The Education Trust $20,000 Washington DC

Despite the feeling that the nation is emerging from the pandemic, the education crisis is far from over as schools address unfinished learning, a teacher shortage, and mental health issues resulting from pandemic illness, deaths and economic harms. This grant supports the Rapid Response Desk (RRD), a collaboration that gathers district-informed input and monitors education challenges so that it is poised to influence policy and budget decisions that will be most impactful for these challenges.

Field Building Grants The Regents of the University of California, Berkeley $20,000 Berekeley, CA

The Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) will develop a toolkit that can be broadly available to early care and education (ECE) stakeholders and educators.

Youth Development Youth Leadership Institute $50,000 San Francisco, CA

This general operating grant continues the storytelling and policy work of Calafia- a youth media fellowship.

Youth Development Youth Communication $50,000 New York, NY

Youth Communication (YC) will leverage the transformative power of teen-written narratives to address the systemic issues of inequality that directly impact youth across New York City.

Youth Development The City School, Inc. $50,000 Dorchester, MA

The grant designed to the Youth Justice and Power Union will support BIPOC youth organizers and members ages 14-25 to lead basebuilding and campaign work to decrease the scope of Boston policing and shift funding to youth jobs, affordable housing, and community-led safety and wellness.

Youth Development Oakland Kids First $70,000 Oakland, CA

This general operating grant supports Oakland Kids First (OKF) to build power and equity for high-need Oakland students by providing transformative youth leadership programs, amplifying youth voice in student organizing campaigns that improve school culture & climate, and activating youth power to advocate for policies that increase educational equity.

Youth Development Naitonal Economic and Social Rights Initiative $40,000 New York, NY

This grant supports the Dignity in Schools Campaign, a national coalition of over 100 organizations fighting to end school pushout. Funds will advance local campaigns for Solutions Not Suspensions, engage youth in leadership structures and support collective national action.

Youth Development Education Law Center $40,000 Philadelphia, PA

This grant provides trainings, technical assistance, resources, and legal services to youth-focused organizations and youth. Education Law Center (ELC) aims to deepen understanding of student rights among Philadelphia organizations and youth to build their advocacy capacity. ELC will learn from the experiences of youth and elevate their voices in our advocacy.

Youth Development DRUM $60,000 Jackson Heights, NY

This general operating grant supports work to strengthen intergenerational organizing model through continuing to develop youth leadership in all aspects of DRUM’s Organizing work.

Youth Development Communities United $40,000 Chicago, IL

This grant supports Ujima.

Youth Development Communities United $100,000 Chicago, IL

This general operating grant supports work to develop sustainable youth leadership through a healing and justice approach to advance systems change and effective policy implementation aimed at creating supportive school climates, and shifting public investment from punitive to restorative approaches.

Youth Development Chicago Freedom School $40,000 Chicago, IL

This grant provides support for Chicago Freedom School’s NorthStar Liberatory Training Collective, which develops young leaders into trainers of trauma-informed, healing-centered practices that teachers, cultural workers, and youth workers can use in classrooms and youth programs.

Youth Development Californians for Justice Education Fund $80,000 San Jose, CA

This general operating grant will advance educational justice through youth power. Californians for Justice builds youth power through leadership development — deepening skills of youth so they can advocate for student-centered reforms — and organizing and advocacy to improve school systems and culture for low-income students of color.

Youth Development California Youth Connection $80,000 Emeryville, CA

This general operating grant will support statewide, youth-led outreach, training, and advocacy model, wthe work of  Foster Youth in Action program.

Trustee-Designated Grants U.S. Soccer $5,000 Chicago, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants StormStrong Foundation $4,000 Williston, VT
Trustee-Designated Grants Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation $3,000 Chicago, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants Rebuild Foundation $10,000 Chicago, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants Rainforest Foundation $10,000 Brooklyn, NY
Trustee-Designated Grants Pan-Mass Challenge $4,000 Needham, MA
Trustee-Designated Grants Intentional Sports $2,500 Arlington Heights, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants Dublin School $1,000 Dublin, NH
Trustee-Designated Grants Coaches Across Continents $2,500 Waterntown, MA
Trustee-Designated Grants Acton-Boxborough United Way $1,000 Acton-MA
Special Grants Capita Social Inc $80,000 Greenville, SC

This grant allows the Foundation to address the timely issues of the environment, which impacts all issue areas funded by the Foundation, by supporting current early childhood grantees in a project that brings together experts in environment and early childhood to mobilize the early childhood sector to advance solutions to the environmental issues we face.

Special Grants Accelerate Institute $10,000 Chicago, IL

This grant is awarded in honor of Michael Conway.

Education The Education Trust $60,000 Washington DC

This is a general operating grant to support the work of The Education Trust-New York.

Education Rennie Center Education Research & Policy $70,000 Boston, MA

Rennie Center will continue to partner with Boston Public Schools to build capacity for integrating transformative social-emotional learning into instruction by supporting SEL coaches who work directly with schools to embed SEL practices. Separately, Rennie Center will advance policy reform efforts through Open Opportunity – Massachusetts, a cross-sector network of 40+ organizations.

Education Public Policy and Education Fund $70,000 Albany, NY

Building from the base of parents who engaged in fighting for Pre-K-12 funding, Public Policy and Education Fun will continue to work with parent leaders to build statewide demand for universal childcare. This birth-12 agenda will ensure that families and children have the support they need at every stage of development.

Education New Teacher Center $100,000 Santa Cruz, CA

With general operating support, NTC will embrace next-level leadership — establishing best practices for school systems, creating transformational change for educators, and accelerating students’ social-emotional and academic growth after the most challenging year in K-12 education.

Education National Equity Project $100,000 Oakland, CA

This general operating grant will support (1) discounts to leaders and teams that want to attend its institutes, (2) increasing its offerings of affinity learning communities, and (3) expanding access to its training offerings through the launch of asynchronous course(s).

Education National Equity Project $50,000 Oakland, CA

This grant supports LiberatED’s general operations. Primarily, the grant will support creating secondary-level content and curricula through its educators’ Fellowship and Youth Leaders Program.

Education National Center for Teacher Residencies $70,000 Chicago, IL

Thjis grant will  put in place strengthened data and measurement systems and improved data collection, management, analytics, and communication tools aligned with NCTR’s Strategic Levers for Equitable Residencies. Developing these data systems will enable NCTR to partner closely with its national network of teacher residencies to support a continuous learning approach in order to improve their support of Black educators and position itself to conduct a quasi-experimental study of the Black Educators Initiative in the fall of 2024.

Education Internationals Network for Public Schools $100,000 New York, NY

This grant will strengthen Internationals’ capacity to create schools that close the achievement gap for MLLs. These activities will deepen Internationals’ impact on MLL educator practice within and beyond the network and build the organization’s capacity to advocate for policies and practices leading to more equitable educational opportunities for MLLs.

Education Regional Office of Education #17 $60,000 Bloomington, IL

This grant will allow LEAD Hubs to create a Diverse Leaders Network (DLN) designed to mobilize a statewide collective focused on strategies for recruitment, development, placement, and retention of a leadership pipeline of district and school leaders that reflects the diversity of students in the state.

Education CASEL $50,000 Chicago, IL

Given the growing spotlight on SEL and education across the political spectrum and the tremendous need to provide students with academic, social, and emotional supports, CASEL will strengthen strategies at the federal level to ensure SEL in policy and positively affect learning recovery at state, district, school, and classroom levels.

Education Advance Illinois $70,000 Chicago, IL

This grant provides general operating support to Advance Illinois for work to ensure a more equitable education system that enables all students to achieve success in college, career, and civic life.

Early Childhood Development University of Colorado, Denver $50,000 Denver, CO

This will extend 2022 efforts by engaging experts, policymakers, and practitioners to collaboratively create metrics that can guide the incorporation of P-3 content and strategies into statewide policy for, and IHE implementation of, principal preparation programs. The final product will be a report that can inform states and IHEs.

Early Childhood Development The Regents of the University of California $80,000 Berkeley, CA

This grant support the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment.

Early Childhood Development Research Foundation of the City University of New York $70,000 New York, NY

This grant provides general operating support for the New York City Early Childhood Research Network at the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute.

Early Childhood Development Pennsylvania Partnership for Children $90,000 Harrisburg, PA

This grant provides general operating support for Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children with an emphasis on early care and education and its intersections with child and maternal health.

Early Childhood Development New Venture Fund $60,000 Washington DC

This grant will support the launch of a new child care movement network that engages partners and stakeholders across policy, research, communications, and organizing to center racial and gender equity in child care in order to create and enact a bold, equitable agenda.

Early Childhood Development National Association for the Education of Young Children $100,000 Washington DC

Working with its national, state- and community-based partners in geographies deemed ripe, NAEYC will combine federal insights and state-specific strategies that bring parent and provider voices together under an advocacy umbrella to push for systems improvements. Through this work, NAEYC and its partners will build stronger state-level infrastructure to engage parents and providers together in collaborating to increase investments and advance improvements in early childhood systems.

Early Childhood Development Jumpstart for Young Children $40,000 Boston, MA

This grant supports the workforce development program in San Francisco and the roll-out of Jumpstart’s workforce programming to all sites nationally. The Jumpstart SFSU Practicum connects future teachers with high-quality coaching, mentorship, and hands-on experience, resulting in better outcomes for children and a strong pipeline of early educators.

Early Childhood Development HealthConnect One $40,000 Chicago, IL

Funding to pay community-based birth workers is critical and largely absent, legislative action and Medicaid MCO funding can change this. This project will convene a collective of community-based birth workers to build a data consortium providing evidence-based policy recommendations to ensure the sustainability and scale of this critical workforce. Key deliverables include the development of a data for action toolkit, evidence-based advocacy training, and virtual hill visits.

Early Childhood Development Erikson Institute $120,000 Chicago, IL

A grant will support Erikson Institute’s Early Teaching and Learning Academy and Policy and Leadership Department, which, through professional development opportunities and key policy initiatives, help young children gain equitable access to high-quality care and early educational experiences which set the foundation for optimal development, lifelong health, learning, and success.

Early Childhood Development Council for a Strong America $50,000 Washington, DC

Council for a Strong America will build policymakers’ and the public’s support for increased investments in high-quality early childhood education and care, coupled with investments in a strong early childhood workforce, by elevating the voices of members from law enforcement and business communities

Early Childhood Development Children Now $100,000 Oakland, CA

This grant provides general operating support for Children Now.

Youth Development Youth United for Change $60,000 Philadelphia, PA

This is a general operating grant to Youth United for Change.

Youth Development Temple University: University of Community Collaborative of Philadelphia $40,000 Philadelphia, PA

This grant will support for the Leadership Development Continuum, a series of after school and summer programs, internships, media production, and paid employment that enables young people to advocate for systemic change.

Youth Development RYSE Center $60,000 Richmond, CA

The grant provides general operating support to the RYSE Center.

Youth Development Philadelphia Student Union $60,000 Philadelphia, PA

This is a general operating support grant to Philadelphia Student Union.

Youth Development Oaklands Kids First $50,000 Oakland, CA

Oakland Kids First (OKF) builds power for BIPOC Oakland students through youth leader development, Oakland Youth Vote Coalition leadership, and building sustained election infrastructure in order to realize the historic Measure QQ – Oakland Youth Vote (OYV) campaign win after it passed with 67% of the vote in 2020.

Youth Development Mikva Challenge $85,000 Chicago, IL

This grant supports Mikva Challenge‘s Citywide Youth Council Program that promotes youth voice and youth leadership by providing young people with the knowledge, skills, agency, and access to have a meaningful impact on public policy decisions that significantly impact Chicago youth.

Youth Development Make the Road New York $60,000 New York, NY

This is a grant to Make the Road New York to support the Urban Youth Collaborative.

Youth Development Make the Road New York $60,000 New York, NY

This grant provides general operating support to Make the Road New York.

Youth Development Juvenile Law Center $50,000 Philadelphia, PA

This grant supports Juvenile Law Center‘s Youth Engagement projects that create opportunities for youth with experience in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems to use their personal stories and experiences as a platform for social change in their communities.

Youth Development Coro New York Leadership Center $50,000 New York, NY

This grant supports the youth leadership development program goal of deeper sustainable partnerships and youth impact on policy and practice.

Youth Development Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth $115,000 San Francisco, CA

This is a general operating grant.

Youth Development Center for Court Innovation $50,000 New York, NY

The Center for Court Innovation’s Youth Justice Board is an after-school program that brings together young people to study and propose solutions to the public safety challenges that most affect them.

Youth Development Bend the Arc New York $60,000 New York, NY

This is a grant to Bend the Arc New York to support the Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing.

Youth Development All Chicago $50,000 Chicago, IL

This grant supports the Youth Action Board of the Chicago Continuum of Care.

Education University of Illinois at Chicago $100,000 Chicago, IL

This grant will support leadership coaching to monitor and assess the extent to which UIC novice school leaders are infusing elements of social emotional learning into their practice.

Education The Leadership Academy $50,000 New York, NY

This grant provides general operating support to NYC Leadership Academy.

Education The Education Trust $70,000 Boston, MA

The general operating grant will be used to engage and support a coalition of Massachusetts equity advocates from civil rights, disability rights, parent, educator, and education reform communities to demand and secure policies that will increase opportunity and achievement for low-income students and students of color.

Education Teach Plus $70,000 Boston, MA

This grant provides general operating support to Teach Plus.

Education Partners in School Innovation $100,000 San Francisco, CA

This grant provides general operating support to Partners in School Innovation.

Education Learning Policy Institute $90,000 Palo Alto, CA

This grant will support the growth and expansion of the EdPrepLab initiative to support education preparation programs with a focus on deeper learning, equity, and the science of learning and development.

Education Chicago Public Education Fund $50,000 Chicago, IL

This general operating grant supports the work of Chicago Public Education Fund.

Education Center for Collaborative Education $70,000 Boston, MA

This grant will support the Center for Collaborative Education‘s statewide advocacy campaign with the goal of leveraging state policy changes to transform Massachusetts’s current education assessment system.

Education BPE $80,000 Boston, MA

This is a general operating support grant.

Education Bank Street College of Education $70,000 New York, NY

This grant will support Bank Street’s TESOL Residency program and continued conversation with early childhood thought leaders toward further development of compensation strategies and policy solutions to move toward pay parity.

Scholarship University of Illinois at Chicago: Center for Urban Education Leadership $40,000 Chicago, IL

This grant is restricted to provide Stone Foundation Fellowships in Early Childhood Development Leadership through the Center for Urban Education Leadership’s program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Scholarship UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies: Center X $40,000 Los Angeles, CA

This grant is restricted to the Center X Teacher Education Program (TEP) at UCLA for the Stone Scholars Scholarship Program.

Trustee-Designated Grants Spiritual Alliance, Inc. $10,000 Bryn Athyn, PA
Trustee-Designated Grants Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation $7,000 Chicago, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants RefugeeOne $5,000 Chicago, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants Lymphoma Research Foundation $6,000 New York, NY
Trustee-Designated Grants Juvenile Protection Association $5,000 Chicago, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants Hurricane Island Outward Bound School $10,000 Spruce Head, ME
Trustee-Designated Grants Environmental Law & Policy Center of the Midwest $5,000 Chicago, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants Emarc, Inc $5,000 Chicago, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants Chinese Progressive Association $10,000 San Francisco, CA
Trustee-Designated Grants Aurora University $1,000 Aurora, IL
Trustee-Designated Grants Advocate Charitable Foundation: Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center President’s Fund $3,000 Chicago, IL
Early Childhood Development Strategies for Children $100,000 Boston, MA

This grant supports Strategies for Children to ensure that increasing public investments and policies are aligned, scalable and targeted to improve the lives of low-income children.

Early Childhood Development Start Early $115,000 Chicago, IL

Start Early, formerly The Ounce, will: (1) Capitalize on opportunities to advance the early childhood (EC) system in Illinois; (2) Advance the EC workforce, and (3) Lift up learnings for Illinois to inform and benefit from national conversations.

Early Childhood Development ParentChild+ $60,000 Mineola, NY

This grant provides general operating support to ParentChild+.

Early Childhood Development New America Foundation $80,000 Washington, DC

This grant supports New America‘s Early & Elementary Education Policy Program to continue to inject PreK-3rd grade policy ideas into the national education conversation and produce new policy insights to propel PreK-3rd reforms in states, school districts, communities, and schools.

Early Childhood Development National Association for the Education of Young Children $50,000 Washington, DC

Building on work carried out through current and previous Stone Grants, NAEYC will advance the quality of early childhood higher education programs by using NAEYC accreditation as a lever and engaging higher education leaders in championing investments in degree programs that prepare an effective, diverse, well-prepared and well-compensated ECE profession.

Early Childhood Development Latino Policy Forum $60,000 Chicago, IL

This is a general operating grant to Latino Policy Forum.

Early Childhood Development Illinois Action for Children $80,000 Chicago, IL

This grant provides general operating support to Illinois Action for Children.

Early Childhood Development First Up $60,000 Philadelphia, PA

This is a general operating support grant.

Early Childhood Development Child Care Services Association: TEACH $50,000 Chapel Hill, NC

This is a general operating support grant for T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood National Center.

Early Childhood Development Advocate Charitable Foundation $60,000 Park Ridge, IL

Advocate Children’s Hospital Healthy Steps Program, in conjunction with Advocate Medical Group, will continue to engage and support physician practices serving socially-vulnerable communities to promote effective screening and management for child mental health issues and unmet social needs.

Early Childhood Development Build Initiative $50,000 Boston, MA

This grant provides general operating support to BUILD.