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Grants Awarded

Year Organization and Summary Amount Location Description
2022 The Education Trust $60,000 Washington DC

This is a general operating grant to support the work of The Education Trust-New York.

2022 Rennie Center Education Research & Policy $70,000 Boston, MA

Rennie Center will continue to partner with Boston Public Schools to build capacity for integrating transformative social-emotional learning into instruction by supporting SEL coaches who work directly with schools to embed SEL practices. Separately, Rennie Center will advance policy reform efforts through Open Opportunity – Massachusetts, a cross-sector network of 40+ organizations.

2022 Public Policy and Education Fund $70,000 Albany, NY

Building from the base of parents who engaged in fighting for Pre-K-12 funding, Public Policy and Education Fun will continue to work with parent leaders to build statewide demand for universal childcare. This birth-12 agenda will ensure that families and children have the support they need at every stage of development.

2022 New Teacher Center $100,000 Santa Cruz, CA

With general operating support, NTC will embrace next-level leadership — establishing best practices for school systems, creating transformational change for educators, and accelerating students’ social-emotional and academic growth after the most challenging year in K-12 education.

2022 National Equity Project $100,000 Oakland, CA

This general operating grant will support (1) discounts to leaders and teams that want to attend its institutes, (2) increasing its offerings of affinity learning communities, and (3) expanding access to its training offerings through the launch of asynchronous course(s).

2022 National Equity Project $50,000 Oakland, CA

This grant supports LiberatED’s general operations. Primarily, the grant will support creating secondary-level content and curricula through its educators’ Fellowship and Youth Leaders Program.

2022 National Center for Teacher Residencies $70,000 Chicago, IL

Thjis grant will  put in place strengthened data and measurement systems and improved data collection, management, analytics, and communication tools aligned with NCTR’s Strategic Levers for Equitable Residencies. Developing these data systems will enable NCTR to partner closely with its national network of teacher residencies to support a continuous learning approach in order to improve their support of Black educators and position itself to conduct a quasi-experimental study of the Black Educators Initiative in the fall of 2024.

2022 Internationals Network for Public Schools $100,000 New York, NY

This grant will strengthen Internationals’ capacity to create schools that close the achievement gap for MLLs. These activities will deepen Internationals’ impact on MLL educator practice within and beyond the network and build the organization’s capacity to advocate for policies and practices leading to more equitable educational opportunities for MLLs.

2022 Regional Office of Education #17 $60,000 Bloomington, IL

This grant will allow LEAD Hubs to create a Diverse Leaders Network (DLN) designed to mobilize a statewide collective focused on strategies for recruitment, development, placement, and retention of a leadership pipeline of district and school leaders that reflects the diversity of students in the state.

2022 CASEL $50,000 Chicago, IL

Given the growing spotlight on SEL and education across the political spectrum and the tremendous need to provide students with academic, social, and emotional supports, CASEL will strengthen strategies at the federal level to ensure SEL in policy and positively affect learning recovery at state, district, school, and classroom levels.

2022 Advance Illinois $70,000 Chicago, IL

This grant provides general operating support to Advance Illinois for work to ensure a more equitable education system that enables all students to achieve success in college, career, and civic life.

2022 University of Illinois at Chicago $100,000 Chicago, IL

This grant will support leadership coaching to monitor and assess the extent to which UIC novice school leaders are infusing elements of social emotional learning into their practice.

2022 The Leadership Academy $50,000 New York, NY

This grant provides general operating support to NYC Leadership Academy.

2022 The Education Trust $70,000 Boston, MA

The general operating grant will be used to engage and support a coalition of Massachusetts equity advocates from civil rights, disability rights, parent, educator, and education reform communities to demand and secure policies that will increase opportunity and achievement for low-income students and students of color.

2022 Teach Plus $70,000 Boston, MA

This grant provides general operating support to Teach Plus.

2022 Partners in School Innovation $100,000 San Francisco, CA

This grant provides general operating support to Partners in School Innovation.

2022 Learning Policy Institute $90,000 Palo Alto, CA

This grant will support the growth and expansion of the EdPrepLab initiative to support education preparation programs with a focus on deeper learning, equity, and the science of learning and development.

2022 Chicago Public Education Fund $50,000 Chicago, IL

This general operating grant supports the work of Chicago Public Education Fund.

2022 Center for Collaborative Education $70,000 Boston, MA

This grant will support the Center for Collaborative Education‘s statewide advocacy campaign with the goal of leveraging state policy changes to transform Massachusetts’s current education assessment system.

2022 BPE $80,000 Boston, MA

This is a general operating support grant.

2022 Bank Street College of Education $70,000 New York, NY

This grant will support Bank Street’s TESOL Residency program and continued conversation with early childhood thought leaders toward further development of compensation strategies and policy solutions to move toward pay parity.