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Field Building Grants
Grants Awarded

Year Organization and Summary Amount Location Description
2023 Communities United $20,000 Chicago, IL

Communities United’s youth-led program, VOYCE, will work to expand and embed proven school safety practices in Chicago Public Schools through youth-led activities planned for early 2024, including a Citywide youth town hall and engagement of recent refugee/newcomer students and families.

2023 Latino Policy Forum $20,000 Chicago, IL

Dual language programs benefit all students and, when appropriate, can be a bridge for newly arrived immigrant and refugee children. Given recent time-sensitive legislation along with the growth in immigrant/refugee children, this effort will support the promotion of dual language programming throughout the state, provide wide-reaching issue education for practitioners to support newcomer students, and highlight specific cases where subsets of immigrant and refugee children benefit from dual language programming.

2023 The Regents of the University of California, Berkeley $20,000 Berekely, CA

The Center for the Study of Child Care Employment is seeking support for the purpose of providing content expertise and technical assistance to a Massachusetts-based community working group, hosted and facilitated by Strategies for Children, towards developing and advancing a path towards wages and benefits for early childhood educators in Massachusetts.

2023 University of Illinois, Chicago $20,000 Chicago, IL

UIC will develop a series of policy briefs to inform decisions on how best to use recently approved historic early childhood funding to build a steady supply of quality workforce in Illinois.

2021 Communities United $20,000 Chicago, IL

In partnership with Chicago Public Schools, Communities United will engage youth and communities in developing plans for creating safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environments.

2021 Council for a Strong America $20,000 Washington District of Columbia

Council for Strong America will launch a social media campaign segment as part of a strategic communications campaign to educate on the need for and importance of early education and care.

2021 Erikson Institute $20,000 Chicago, IL

Through this project, Erikson will build faculty capacity across the state (IL) and two-and-four-year higher education institutions to prepare the early childhood workforce to effectively serve young, bi/multilingual children.

2021 HealthConnect One $10,000 Chicago, IL

To provide current, culturally, and linguistically appropriate and accessible information on COVID-19, vaccination and national and state regulations, relevant to families.

2021 Illinois Action for Children $20,000 Chicago, IL

Illinois Action for Children is seeking support to accelerate its work in bringing feedback from early childhood educators and early childhood teacher-prep faculty into policy changes being decided in the IBHE strategic planning process.

2021 International Network for Public Schools $20,000 New York, NY

Internationals will develop and disseminate recommendations to support multilingual learners as schools and districts plan for re-opening.

2021 Philadelphia Student Union $10,000 Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Student Union in partnership with Resolve Philly will build awareness of the need for adequate and fair funding in Pennsylvania in tandem with the current state trial.

2021 Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy $20,000 Boston, MA

The Rennie Center supports work to transform education by leveraging the assets and power of communities to build a new vision of high-quality, liberated learning for all students.

2021 Start Early $20,000 Chicago, IL

Start Early will support the capacity of the U.S. Department of Education to create supportive relationships with and between the organizations, communities, states and families that make up the early childhood landscape, leading to better programs and policies for young children across America.

2021 Strategies for Children $20,000 Boston, MA

In early education advocacy, representation matters. This project will launch the inaugural cohort of an early education and care Speakers’ Bureau – a diverse cohort of emerging leaders from the field, whom we will prepare and support to successfully represent our field in public speaking, with the media and advocacy.

2023 Latino Policy Forum $20,000 Chicago, IL

This is a field building grant to support the Latino Policy Forum (Forum) in the creation of resources and materials to provide existing community-based early educators with introductory competencies in how to serve young English Learners (ELs).

2023 National Center for Teacher Residencies $20,000 Chicago, IL

This is a field building grant to support the dissemination of findings from the evaluation of the Black Educator Initiative in an effort to promote promising policies and practices for diversifying the national teacher workforce.

2023 New America Foundation $20,000 Washington DC

Over the next six months, New America will be working to identify best practices for children with learning differences and Dual Language Learners (DLLs) and will recommend aligned policies and practices that can be embedded in Pre-K-3rd grade, with an emphasis on kindergarten. These recommendations will then be used to inform the U.S. Department of Education’s Pre-K-3rd strategy, policies, and resource allocations to better support young DLLs and children with disabilities.

2023 New Teacher Center $20,000 Santa Cruz, CA

This grant will support convenings that will support education leaders who want to explore new ways of supporting students post-COVID-19.

2023 Strategies for Children $20,000 Boston, MA

This grant will document the development and impact of the 9:30 Call for early education Massachusetts.

2022 First Up $20,000 Philadelphia, PA

This grant will support the engagement of State Institutes of Higher Education partners to review and develop actionable steps to prepare the Early Childhood Workforce in Pennsylvania.

2022 Illinois Action for Children $20,000 Chicago, IL

Illinois Action for Children will provide training and technical assistance to help child care providers apply for the state’s upcoming Strengthen and Grow grants opportunity.

2022 National Center for Teacher Residencies $20,000 Chicago, IL

In addition to promoting policy recommendations developed from Black Educators Initiative, this effort will be a stepping off point for NCTR into the policy landscape as it develops relationships and experience in effectively promoting its policy priorities.

2022 Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy $20,000 Boston, MA

Through EdImpact, Rennie and its partners will engage key stakeholders to ensure federal dollars are invested in equitable and effective practices that will enable students and communities to recover from the disruptions causes by COVID-19.

2022 Start Early $20,000 Chicago, IL

This project will gather timely information that will inform strategies for building interest in early childhood policy efforts, and ultimately, will influence the State’s early childhood policymaking decisions.

2022 Teach Plus $20,000 Philadelphia, PA

As Dr. Tony Watlington becomes the first new School District of Philadelphia superintendent in 10 years, Teach Plus will invest the new superintendent in teacher leadership and solidify Teach Plus’ connection over his first six months, opening avenues for increased district-wide impact over policies and instructional practices.

2022 The Education Trust $20,000 Washington DC

Despite the feeling that the nation is emerging from the pandemic, the education crisis is far from over as schools address unfinished learning, a teacher shortage, and mental health issues resulting from pandemic illness, deaths and economic harms. This grant supports the Rapid Response Desk (RRD), a collaboration that gathers district-informed input and monitors education challenges so that it is poised to influence policy and budget decisions that will be most impactful for these challenges.

2022 The Regents of the University of California, Berkeley $20,000 Berekeley, CA

The Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) will develop a toolkit that can be broadly available to early care and education (ECE) stakeholders and educators.