2015 Grants Awarded: Youth Development


Alternatives in Action$150,000Alameda, CAdescription
Alternatives in Action's Youth Leadership Initiative will implement extended day programming and their cascading leadership model at four Oakland school sites. This will support 1,300 underserved and economically disadvantaged middle and high school students to activate change in themselves, their schools, and communities.
California School-Age Consortium$150,000Oakland, CAdescription
This is a multi-year general operating grant.
California Youth Connection$180,000San Francisco, CA description
This is a multi-year general operating grant.
Center for Court Innovation$60,000New York, NYdescription
Center for Court Innovation’s Youth Justice Board is an after-school program in New York City that brings together young people to study and propose solutions to the public safety challenges that most affect them.
Center for Effective Philanthropy$25,000San Francisco, CAdescription
Center for Effective Philanthropy will expand and transition YouthTruth to a sustainable business model. YouthTruth harnesses student perceptions to help educators accelerate improvements in their K–12 schools and classrooms. Through their validated survey instruments and tailored advisory services, YouthTruth partners with schools, districts, states, and educational organizations to enhance learning for all students.
Citizen Schools$65,000Boston, MAdescription
This grant will support the Teaching Fellows Program, which will immerse 261 aspiring educators in Expanded Learning Time programs at partner public schools across the country.
Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth$375,000San Francisco, CAdescription
Coleman Advocates for Youth and Children's Youth Making a Change program combines best practices from youth development and youth organizing to support young people in San Francisco to develop the skills and leadership to be successful in their own lives and to be effective leaders and changemakers in their schools and communities.
Coro New York Leadership Center$50,000New York, NYdescription
Coro’s Youth Leadership Development Continuum prepares and positions young people to use their collective voice to make New York City more responsive to the needs of its young people via [a] school impact, [b] campus impact, [c] system impact and [d] citywide impact.
Communities United: VOYCE$375,000Chicago, ILdescription
This is a multi-year general operating grant.
Educational Video Center$60,000New York, NYdescription
This general operating grant will support EVC's work using documentary production and media arts to develop the artistic, social-emotional, youth leadership and career skills of overage and under-credited youth from low income communities throughout New York City.
Foster Youth in Action$180,000San Francisco, CAdescription
This is a multi-year general operating grant.  
Global Action Project$55,000New York, NYdescription

This is a general operating grant.

Juvenile Law Center$20,000Philadelphia, PAdescription
Juvenile Law Center's youth engagement projects create opportunities for Philadelphia youth in the child welfare and justice systems to take the lead in advocating for social change in their communities.
Mikva Challenge$50,000Chicago, ILdescription
Mikva Challenge’s Citywide Youth Council Program is a program that promotes youth voice and youth leadership by providing young people with the knowledge, skills, agency, and access to have a meaningful impact on public policy decisions that significantly impact Chicago youth.
New America Media$40,000San Francisco, CAdescription
YouthWire builds the reporting skills of youth journalists statewide and brings their voices to decision-makers through multiple strategies: policy forum, e-newsletters, social media, online publishing and distribution of a quarterly print edition, Calafia. .
Oakland Kids First$150,000Oakland, CAdescription
This is a multi-year general operating grant.
Philadelphia Student Union$60,000Philadelphia, PAdescription
The Philadelphia Student Union will continue to organize high school students in some of Philadelphia's neediest schools and neighborhoods through base building and leadership development. PSU will work at the local, state, and national level to advance education policies that provide the education students deserve.
San Francisco Study Center$50,000San Francisco, CAdescription
This grant is restricted to San Francisco Beacon Initiative, which will organize professional development, peer learning and coaching across the eight centers and play a leadership role in out-of-school time and Beacon discussions at the national level.
Temple University: University Community Collaborative of Philadelphia$120,000Philadelphia, PAdescription
The University Community Collaborative’s Youth Leadership Development Continuum is a series of programs designed to foster young leaders in Philadelphia by building the necessary foundations of confidence and self-esteem, developing the cognitive and technological skills upon which effective leadership rests, and creating an awareness of larger social, economic and political issues.
Year Up$70,000Boston, MAdescription
Year Up will continue growing its intensive training program that provides low-income young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skill development, college credits, and corporate internships It will also focus on systems change efforts to close the Opportunity Divide.
Youth Communication$140,000New York, NYdescription
The is a multi-year general operating grant.
Youth Radio$70,000Oakland, CAdescription
Youth Radio engages low-income, diverse youth in: 1) intensive digital media, technology, and arts education; 2) employment in creative positions throughout Youth Radio’s media production company; and 3) wraparound services that support pathways to college, career, and healthy adulthood.
Youth Speaks$55,000San Francisco, CAdescription
Youth Speaks will further invest in its staffing by building out a new five-tiered Poet Mentor model, informed by its Poet Mentor Methodology, while also pursuing the codification, publication, and dissemination of Youth Speak’s pedagogy and best teaching practices throughout the Brave New Voices Network.
Youth Together$50,000Oakland, CAdescription
Youth Together will develop the leadership and organizing skills of 130 Oakland youth (aged 13-21) engaged in building strong school communities and addressing educational justice issues.
Youth United for Change$60,000Philadelphia, PAdescription
Youth United for Change will focus on organizing and advocating for high quality education for all Philadelphia students, working to improve school climate and ensure safer schools, expanding health food choices for students, and fighting for free transportation for young people.
WNYC Radio$40,000New York, NYdescription
This grant is restricted to Radio Rookies, which trains teens to create high quality stories that are aired on national public radio and other outlets.