2017 Grants Awarded: Education


Advance Illinois$50,000Chicago, ILdescription
This grant will help Advance Illinois ensure the state’s system of supports under ESSA leads to “on the ground” improvement in schools. We will expand and work with our Real Learning for Real Life coalition, conduct research on what works nationally, compile learnings and provide support for the state’s implementation.
BPE$120,000Boston, MAdescription
BPE will increase prepare teachers through the Boston Teacher Residency (BTR), and sharing the lessons it learns to catalyze reform across the city and beyond.
Center for Collaborative Education$70,000Boston, MAdescription
The Center for Collaborative Education will launch the MA Personalized Learning Network, in which it will work with select MA urban school districts to establish new and conversion schools that are competency, project, and performance-based, enabling students multiple pathways to attain proficiency. Over this year, CCE will work with the Boston Public Schools in a planning period to set out a timeline and process, while assisting the district in its current High School Redesign district-wide initiative, to launch multiple personalized learning schools in subsequent years..
Chicago Public Education Fund$35,000Chicago, ILdescription
Chicago Public Education Fund Fund 4 is designed to grow the number of high-quality principals from 178 to 350 by 2018, and champion the innovative, educator-led practices that accelerate student outcomes.
Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University$50,000San Francisco, CAdescription
This grant is restricted to the San Francisco Teacher Residency Project.
Internationals Network for Public Schools$525,000New York, NYdescription
This is a multi-year general operating grant awarded in 2015.
Illinois State University$60,000Normal, ILdescription
This project will pilot four Comprehensive School Leadership (CSL) Hubs designed to serve as a regional/local connection point for schools, universities, and communities to develop and retain school leaders to serve the whole child within a culturally responsive context that maximizes resources, builds capacity, and creates a sustainable leadership pipeline.
National Equity Project$100,000Oakland, CAdescription
This is a general operating grant. Additionally, this grant supports finalization of NEP's Equity Leadership Framework.
New Leaders$70,000New York, NYdescription
New Leaders will 1) organize and advocate for strong federal investment in school leadership and priority programs and 2) research and analyze state ESSA plans regarding the use of federal funds to support a strong focus on school leadership opportunities aligned with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
New Teacher Center$70,000Santa Cruz, CAdescription
This is a general operating grant.
New Visions for Public Schools$70,000New York, NYdescription
This grant supports the New Visions Learning Partners-Urban Teacher Residency Program.
Partners in School Innovation$525,000San Francisco, CAdescription
Partners in School Innovation will continue to transform schools and implement district reform in San Francisco, working alongside teachers and leaders to pilot developments that meet the needs of students under Common Core, with technology-based personalized learning and both parent and student voice. This is a multi-year grant awarded in 2015.
Teach Plus$70,000Boston, MAdescription
Teach Plus through this general operating grant will support its teacher leadership programs.
University of Chicago: Urban Education Institute$75,000Chicago, ILdescription
University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute will design of research-based data tools and professional development to support increasing high school graduation nationally. Funded staff create an integrated approaching to improving high school graduation –direct the design of real-time data tools; collaboratively develop and prototype visualizations and reports; and create professional learning materials.
University of Chicago: Urban Education Institute$50,000Chicago, ILdescription
University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute will develop a set of capacity-building multi-media tools and materials to support teacher professional development in schools, so that teachers are able to provide rigorous and engaging learning experiences for all students, particularly those with the least access to high-quality educational resources.
University of Illinois at Chicago: Center for Urban Education Leadership$85,000Chicago, ILdescription
UIC Center for School Leadership will build capacity to collect and use data systematically in its program and in each school where UIC principals and assistant principals serve to improve student learning outcomes in high-need schools. UIC will develop protocols for collaborative data collection, analysis, and application to practice.
National Center for Teacher Residencies$525,000Chicago, ILdescription
This is a multi-year general operating grant awarded in 2015.