Grantmaking Guidelines in Early Childhood Development

The W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation is committed to improving the healthy development of children, ages 0-8, by supporting innovative programs, initiatives and policies that benefit such children and their families. The Foundation is especially interested in organizations that:

  1. align preschool early learning and education with the K-3 system so that children experience developmentally appropriate, sequenced learning that enables them to be reading by the end of third grade;
  2. address the quality of early childhood education with a particular emphasis on leadership and workforce development;
  3. strengthen the system, or raise public awareness of the importance of early childhood development so that there are increased and strategic investments in the field;
  4. extend their impact through collaboration with others, replication or evaluation so that best practices in the field are widely disseminated.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.