Developing Human Capital to Improve Urban Education

In October 2008, the Stone Foundation convened its Education grantees from Chicago, Boston, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area to explore what they are learning from their work and how these lessons inform future practice and policy opportunities. Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago facilitated the Convening and documented outcomes of the day in this report, which summarizes discussions that took place and highlights common themes that emerged: the challenges of taking individual programs to scale; meeting the needs for organizational capacity and development in order to implement reforms; and undertaking meaningful assessment and evaluation of education reform efforts.

The Convening was a starting point for articulating and advancing grantees’ collective knowledge. The experiences of the grantees both during and following the Convening validate the idea that the candid exchange of information is empowering to programs as they seek to gain the most benefit from and to sustain their innovations. Given the success of the Convening and the high level of interest in urban school reform, the Foundation will be exploring a number of ways to facilitate continued grantee collaboration and shared learning.