Conversations With Leaders Report

Grantee insights on their work, the field & philanthropy
We believe it is important to document and share what we are learning from our grantees — to add to a body of knowledge that informs our thinking and aids the work of our grantees and other grantmakers. With this in mind, in early 2007, the Stone Foundation contracted with a consultant, Perry Chen from Pear·e Consulting, to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with eight of the foundation’s Education and Youth Development grantees. The purpose of these conversations was not to evaluate each grantee’s work, but rather to distill lessons about effective practices and strategies that could benefit the field and inform the Foundation’s grantmaking. Program leaders embraced this opportunity to reflect and candidly share their perspectives on their work and their sector. This report highlights their observations about successful strategies, trends in youth development and educational reform, and thoughts for philanthropy. While these reflections will be valuable to funders and grantees alike, as the report notes, . . . the most valuable result may be simply opening this space — to continue these conversations and to keep learning from the field.